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Hello, sweet people! As I promised, today is the day to share with you all the interesting details on my trip to Cinque Terre in april. One of those places which definitely needs to be seen at least once in a lifetime. We went for Easter and of course there was a big tourist invasion:), but we still enjoyed it a lot. Cinque Terre is the name of the area,

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Hello, my lovely reader:)! Today’s journey is in Vernazza, part of the well known area Cinque Terre. Beautiful, amazing place as you can see. That day we went hiking and it was nice and sunny. In Cinque Terre either you go around by train or you hike. We took the train often, but we really wanted to do a nice long hike as well:). The lady from the tourist office

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Cinque Terre is heavenly beautiful place in Liguria, Italy and Monterosso is one of those 5 charming villages. I will post very soon another more detailed post on how to explore and enjoy the area. Monterosso is beautiful. But it’s even more breathtaking during rainy days. The contrast between  the sky and the dramatic clouds with the colour of the mediterranean sea and the white waves, crushing into the sand

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If you are planning a trip to Rome, this is the right place to be. I will give you tips and tricks on how to enjoy Rome to the fullest, with places to visit and things to do, when in the italien capital. The first thing to know is how long you are planning to stay. I will start with a weekend plan and expand the ideas if you are

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ANNECY: Fashion Trip To The French Village

Annecy – one village in south-eastern France and the Rhône-Alpes region – as charming as its name sounds! We came here just a few days before New Year’ Eve. We love road trips, so we rented a car and fully armed with my Canon camera we drove there. On our way I was taking advantage of the stunning sunrise over the fields. My camera could never capture the glorious beauty of the

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Honeymoon in Paradise – Thailand Part 2

“Here I am taking you on a journey into my most precious souvenirs…where I’m the most vulnerable…happy…in love…” I’m going to start this post by saying: I love to share! For me, a moment of happiness needs to be shared, otherwise it’s not the same! Seeing a beautiful sunset over the sea and not sharing it with someone you love… it’s still beautiful. But what makes it special.. what makes

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Fashion Capitals: Milan in three different looks

Hello early saturday birds;)! If you’ve been following my adventures this week, you’ve already seen my Fashion Capitals: Milan in three different looks series. We had a lot of fun filming this video, hope it shows, when you watch it:)! Have a great weekend! Zori video via


This is a story for a beautiful day in September, in a beautiful region of the french part of Switzerland. This is Lavaux…    Let me start by saying… this is my first ever blog post, so please, be kind and not too critical ;)! That said, I must admit that it’s giving me quite a big excitement and it made me go back in time, when I was in High

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This is a very special, sentimental story I am about to tell you here! It’s about having big dreams and making dreams come true…   Destination: Paradise First stop: Bangkok, Thailand 18 december 2013 (11 years later…)   So, me and Nikolay, we met end of 2002 and our first date was on 18th of December 2002. He asked me to marry him after 10 years of relationship (I’m thinking

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