Family Portraits

Zoriart Photography is a Lausanne fine art newborn and maternity photographer located in the capital of Canton Vaud, Switzerland. Zori specialises in newborn and baby photography, as well as maternity photography, family portraits and engagement photography.

“Photography is one of those incredible things that happened in our lifetime. It gives us the opportunity to stop a moment in time, to print it on paper and have it forever. It is magical!

A portrait is the best gift you can give to yourself and the people you love and care about. It’s probably the only thing you will bring with you if your house is burning down. And in many years from now, this portrait will be the most precious thing you possess. And no money or anything else in the world will be able to bring back this happy moment you saved in a picture for the decades to come. Your family will look at it and the day you are no longer here, they will say : “this was my father, my grandfather… this is where I come from and where I belong!

Welcome to Zoriart Photography and lets create precious moments together!

You can adresse your inquiries to Zori by sending her an email at or contacting her at +4177/4276446

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