Fine Art

“People often get confused by the term “fine art photography”. It is my favourite kind of photography. A fine art image is a story telling image. It can be very simple or very conceptual and abstract. But always makes you stop and think. It is all about the emotion it provoke in each one of us and it is very personal. You can tell a lot about a photographer by looking at his work. And fine art photography is what gives me most freedom to express myself as an artist. When I create an image, I think firstly about the story I want to tell. It is essential to give a certain mood. Then, I think about the details of how to make it happen. It is the one place I can be most creative and it is extremely liberating and such a happy place for me.

I put a fine art touch in every photography work I do, no matter if it is a newborn, maternity or family session. The best thing about working with people and not objects is that a person can transmit emotions. It’s my job to make you feel confortable enough to let me see your true self and replicate this in a series of beautiful images you can after hang on your walls and enjoy as real Art”.


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